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Feedback to courses and lecturers

Why do we collect feedback?

The semester feedback is a valuable source of information for quality assurance and provides insights for making our students learning experience even better. EBS collects feedback about all the courses twice in the semester. You will receive information about each course evaluation to your email and see the questionnaires in Canvas. Instructions how to access questionnaires are here.

The feedback is confidential – the lecturer/staff cannot see the name or the study group of the student, who is giving feedback.  

Your opinion and experience matter to us – the more active you are, the more changes we can implement. 

Impact of feedback results

Your course evaluations enable us to improve the quality of teaching and your learning experience at EBS.

The course feedback results will also be shared with the lecturers, heads of the departments and the management of EBS.  

Some examples of changes we can implement:

  • Course-start: adding additional lecture/seminar for the course, make scheduling changes, providing additional materials or make changes in Canvas, re-designing the course, involving guest lectures
  • Course-end: re-designing the course, changes in scheduling (study programme or the course-specific changes),  adding guest lecturers, removing course from the programme, changing the lecturer for the course

Survey types

Course start feedback 

  • Why:  We want to hear about your first impressions about the course and its content and delivery, and hence we ask, “How would you rate your learning experience in this course so far?”. If there is something off with the course, then we strongly urge you to leave us a comment with clarification so we can react immediately. 
  • When: feedback opens once 1/3rd of the lecture’s has passed.
  • How long: The questionnaire is available for 5 days, so please make sure you share your thoughts and impressions within that time. 

Course end feedback 

  • Why: To reflect on your learning experience and share your insights with EBS. What went well, what kind of improvements could we make etc. 
  • What can you give feedback about:  
    • Course value, hours spent on the course in total, course design, delivery, the atmosphere created by the lecturer, feedback provided by the lecturer, and his/her attitude towards teaching. 
    • When: feedback opens during the last lecture 
    • How long: The questionnaire is available for 10 days, so please make sure you share your thoughts and impressions within that time. 

Every question also has a comment section and we highly appreciate you using this opportunity to leave us more elaborate feedback. Be thorough, respectful, and constructive. The comments allow us to identify the best practices, acknowledge outstanding lecturers and identify areas of improvement.