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Final thesis

How to find topic and supervisor

Here is some info to help you continue in the process:

There are 3 departments in EBS: Marketing and Communication, Management and Economics and Finance.

You can find the lists of potential supervisors and areas of topics here.

When contacting a potential supervisor, give a brief summary of what you are going to write.

  • the wording of the topic of the work as precise as possible;
  • the problem you want to solve;
  • objectives of the work;
  • importance/originality of the work;
  • research methods.

Please look for a supervisor and submit your final thesis proposal in a timely manner.

Useful information

Please see the e-catalog user manual here.

Termination of the final thesis

The proposal of the final thesis is valid only for one semester. If the student decides to terminate the final thesis then cancellations are done by the student in the MyEBS platform by removing the final thesis course. More information about the conditions and cancellation deadlines is available from here. If the cancellation is done then the student is expected to present the new thesis proposal before the next thesis proposal deadline.


General coordinator of graduation process is Ms Margit Kattai:

email: margit.kattai@ebs.ee phone: +372 665 1344

Study Department contacts can be found here.