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The study process is organised according to the Academic Regulations and syllabi.

A syllabus outlines the study prerequisites, the course schedule, the time schedules and description of topics of independent assignments, the forms of testing knowledge, the grading criteria, and the list of the basic study literature. The syllabus is available in Canvas.
Every course ends with an examination or with a pass-fail evaluation.

Please acquaint yourself with the exam arrangements and plan your time accordingly as you can only take the exams on the date and at the time listed. EBS offers 2 alternative exam times to choose from: main exam 1 and main exam 2. Additionally, there is also the make-up exam. Please read through each course’s syllabus to be sure you can take the exams, meaning you have completed all the pre-requisites.

Some key things to remember when it comes to exams:

  • Exam registration takes place in Canvas from now on.
  • There is an official exam session, however, the lecturers tend to offer the first exam date already before the exam session. Main exam 2 will still take place during the exam session.
  • You can see whether your exams are online or in-class in your Canvas Calendar.
  • Online exams do not, as a rule, require any registration. You can just choose either to take main exam 1 or 2 and no prior registration is needed. Should registration be required, you will be notified via Canvas announcement.
  • In-class exams require prior registration. You will receive more detailed instructions through Canvas.
  • If you do not attend either of the main exams, you will get „failed“ for the exam.
  • In the event of a negative result, you can opt for the make-up exam. Make-up exams take place after the exam session, right before the beginning of the following semester. More information here: Make-up exams

In case the student fails the exam and all three possibilities to take the exam have already passed the student must enroll in the course again. This means that the student must take the course again and also pay for it again according to the credit point price list. Exam schedules can be found in Canvas.

The lowest possible percentage for passing the course is 51% out of 100. The grading system of the course, weight of interim results, test dates and homework deadlines can be found in the course syllabus. There are courses for which a positive exam result (at least 51%) is needed for passing the course – even if the interim results (homework, tests, presentations, group works, etc.) would give enough points to pass the course, a negative result in the exam means failing the course. Sometimes it could also be the other way around – student is not allowed to take the exam unless all homework and tests have been taken and/or submitted. For some courses (mainly in the daytime study form), participation in lectures or seminars accounts for a percentage of the total grade. This applies especially for language courses – it is impossible to get a positive grade if you are absent from 1/3 of the lessons.
This is why it is extremely important to read each course’s syllabus at the very beginning of the course.